Victoria Alberini, M.A.

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #107723

Voicemail: (415) 234-0963


Supervised by Erica Rath, MFC86965

In 2015, I left my job at Google to pursue a career that better catered to my lifelong passion for human interaction and relationships. My background in tech tailors my practice to those working in Silicon Valley, but my clients yield from all walks of life.


I approach therapy through the lens of humor, warmth, and deep empathy. I strive to create a judgment-free zone, where my clients can explore their emotions and thoughts safely, and feel empowered to address the challenges in their lives with confidence.


I have extensive experience with children, having spent over a year doing therapy in a preschool setting, and as the mother of a young child. I’m particularly interested in couples work and premarital counseling, employing Emotionally Focused Therapy, a theory rooted in attachment. I’m also interested in working with women, survivors of domestic violence, mothers, individuals wishing to process the challenges of working in the corporate world, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and the effects of trauma. 


I grew up speaking Spanish and English with my Argentine parents at home, so I’m happy to provide therapy in Spanish for those clients that feel more comfortable doing so. I can also relate to the immigrant experience, which motivates me to see the world through the cultural perspective of all my clients, in celebration of their unique backgrounds.


I look forward to meeting you and working together!

Jennifer C.jpg
Jennifer Cappelletti, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #103658

Voicemail: (805) 225-3177


Supervised by Nancy Chirinos, MFC90003

What is your experience?


I believe listening to and respecting your experience is where change begins. By collaborating together in a warm and safe space, I can help you become more grounded and rooted in your self so you can create deep, meaningful relationships, and connect with the people and things that make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Therapy is a way to visit inside yourself to identify and transform what has not been working in your life. I believe you have the ability and tools to create and manifest the life you desire.

I work within a client-centered, culturally sensitive, trauma-focused orientation that includes individuals, couples, adolescents, and families in a non-judgmental space. I have experience with anxiety, depression, relational issues, serious mental disorders, & internal family systems.

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” Rumi

R. Chadwick Cropped.jpg
Rebecca Chadwick, M.A

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate #117447

Voicemail: 415-375-0532


Supervised by Abby Per Lee, MFT51762


I help people who are feeling anxious, lost, disconnected, overwhelmed, unstable, or alone. These feelings may be related to a specific season of life or could be ways that you’ve felt for a long time. My areas of specialization include anxiety, depression, developmental trauma, identity exploration, intimate partner abuse, life transitions, and relationship issues. My approach is compassionate, engaged, and warm. I offer psychotherapy to individuals and couples.

I work primarily from contemporary psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, and relational approaches. I believe that deeper, sustained healing comes from exploring the root causes of suffering and untangling the patterns that keep you stuck. Although the process of therapy may feel difficult at moments, it is also often filled with creativity, relief, and discovery.

Sonnet Daymont

Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

Voice Mail: 415-854-2285


Supervised by Travis Robinson, MFC84331 & Nancy Chirinos, MFC90003


As a psychotherapy trainee, in my final year at the University of San Francisco (USF), I hold Bachelors Degrees in Child and Adolescent Development and in Psychology from San Francisco State University (SFSU). I first entered the counseling sector while returning to SFSU for a second undergraduate degree in Psychology, and began by working as a residential counselor directly with youth who survived sex trafficking, and thus experienced various forms of trauma. 


The beauty of watching lessons learned turn into wisdom, resilience and confidence is one of my favorite parts of participating in the therapeutic process.

I have worked in multiple professional fields that range from early literacy, social services, to policy. I have also owned and operated profitable businesses and am well versed in the anxieties that come with working in advocacy, education, art, and entrepreneurship.


In addition to working with Marina Counseling Center, I am a certified Meditation Teacher under Mandy Trapp of Lifestyle Meditation. I regularly lead a mindfulness group with teens at a local high school and occasionally host an outdoor meditation group for new and expecting mothers in the Marina. 


I work together with clients, offering support towards strengthening confidence, resilience, and coping. Our conversations can be focused on goal setting, decision making, and experiencing joy - or we can explore past experiences, and pull wisdom from lessons you have learned. 


My therapeutic style is influenced by solution focused brief therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, existential therapy, and positive psychology.


Areas of expertise include:


  • Addiction Recovery

  • Financial Transitions

  • Grief

  • LGBTQ Identity

  • Relationships

  • Trauma & Resilience

Ciara Devereux, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 

Voicemail: 805-931-6044


Supevised by Shannon Valentine, MFC49086

“May you learn to live, every day of your life”


The greatest way to honor oneself and our time here on this earth is to put intention into finding our best self, nurture their growth, heal, and discover all the ways to truly LIVE during the days of our lives.


Often times life just isn’t working, plain and simple.  That’s where therapy comes in. Together, through therapy, we can discover how to ride the waves, brave the storms, and find the patience and self-compassion to sit with the things we cannot change.


I take a collaborative, narrative, and attachment based approach to therapy, believing that the relationships in our early childhood, the stories about ourselves and our experiences, and our self-perception are the foundations to which we view the world, and more importantly, ourselves. 


Together, let’s begin to heal and live.


Areas of focus:

Anxiety and Depression

Trauma, Grief, and Loss

Addiction & Recovery

Body Image and Self-Esteem

Emerging Adulthood and Transitions

Yvette Fama, M.A.

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #92458

Voicemail: 650-200-3159

Supervised By Syntha Lorenz, MFC39255


Somatic psychotherapy is my passion. My therapeutic style is interactive, empathetic and appropriately humorous. I believe in a holistic approach to therapy, incorporating and joining mind, body and soul. In fact, the Greek roots of “somatic” and “psychotherapy” refer to body, breath, soul and mind. Sessions with me unfold and follow the unique needs of each person. We can use breath work to focus on expanding your capacity to feel and express emotions; use awareness of tension to identify behaviors that no longer work for you; and learn about and manage physiological sensations that overwhelm you in life. 

I can help you to:


-       Resolve a past or current trauma: sexual, cultural or physical – chronic or acute injuries.


-       Explore emotional and intimacy struggles with yourself, a loved one or partner.


-       Relieve anxiety and depression.


-       Engage in couples work.


-       Navigate through divorce.

I work with a widely diverse population and am BDSM, kink, and fetish friendly. I welcome every aspect of your experience, internal-external, past and present. You will experience an empathetic and non-judging journey that will heal your mind, body, and soul, resulting in a more authentic life.

Michelle F.jpg
Michelle Fontaine, M.A.

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #90638

Voicemail: 415-483-9393

Supervised by Rita Kahn, MFC5359


Connections often break down in relationships when challenges come our way. Couples therapy can not only help but can greatly enhance your relationship by providing you with the opportunity to learn new communication skills and by getting a better perspective about your patterns of behavior and where they come from. High stress levels always seem to provoke these old patterns which can include shame, defensiveness, blame, and criticism towards one another. Let’s work together to break through these destructive patterns and create a more fulfilling quality of partnership.

I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco.My work history includes helping a wide variety of people, all with different backgrounds and unique concerns. I use many therapeutic tools, employed according to the needs of my clients. These tools include but are not limited to, Gestalt and Art therapy, Psychodynamic explorations, Spiritual inquiry, and EMDR.


EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.) is one of the best treatments I have found for the treatment of traumatic events, bad memories, and changing negative beliefs. EMDR is an evidence based psychotherapy for PTSD, and positive outcomes have also been documented implementing EMDR with many other conditions. The key to EMDR, and what makes it so fundamentally different from other psychotherapies, is bilateral stimulation of the two hemispheres of your brain. What we have learned is that by stimulating both sides of a person’s brain through sensory input, we can help the brain initiate its own healing process.

It is my privilege to work with you through these important inner journey's. I would be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. Please give me a call on my confidential line, 415-483-9393 or check out my website at

Josh G.jpg
Joshua Greene, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #107750

Voicemail: (510) 853-9616


Supervised by Travis Robinson, MFC84331

Each moment in life offers us the chance to become the fullest expression of who we really are.  In therapy I help to hold a space where we can explore anything that might be keeping you from that fullest expression.  This might mean finding a deeper connection between your mind and body. It might mean getting a new perspective on some of the stories you have been telling yourself.  It might mean consciously having a different experience here than you have had in other situations in life. I draw on a background in mindfulness practices and integral psychology to help find what works best for you.  I believe that therapy always works best in a space of safety, warmth, and compassion. My approach can help you with:


- Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Disturbances

- Grief and Loss

- Intimacy Issues and Relationship Challenges

- Spiritual Inquiry, Self Exploration, and Finding Meaning

- Substance Abuse

- Trauma  

Whatever we work with and whatever route we take, the power of this work comes from what we create together.  

Wet Leaves
Tristan Hembree, M.A.

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Voicemail: 415-578-0166

Supervised by Janine Darwin, MFC46778


Do you identify as someone who does not measure up to the person you were expected to be, or someone who does not fit certain norms? Maybe you are someone who feels unfulfilled or stagnant in life and yearns for more? Are you going through an unexpected or challenging life transition? If so, we can work together to bring forth a more robust expression of who you are and heighten your sense of aliveness as well as help you identify where you want to go in life and develop the skills and awareness necessary to successfully navigate there. My therapy practice includes a diverse group of clients who are addressing challenges at different points in their lives.  

I will support you in contacting and experiencing parts of yourself that are vital for greater self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-expression, healing, and integration.  

I want to work together with you to identify barriers to authentic contact with self and others, and assist you in creating opportunities to shift patterns in your life that may no longer be serving you. This process is engaged by facilitating your awareness of physical, emotional, and cognitive elements of experience. To support this work, I offer you a warm, inviting, inclusive, culturally-sensitive environment for therapy as well as a direct ‘to-the-point’ style that aims get to the heart of the issues you want to work on.

Areas of Focus:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationships/ Feeling Disconnected

  • Life Transitions / Career Change

  • Spirituality / Personal Growth 

  • Confidence and Self-Worth

  • Trauma

Simi Kamboj, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #111179

Voicemail: 415-712-2066

Supervised by Erica Rath, MFC86965

You have the right to exist in the world just as you are.  If you're here, something within you may be initiating growth. Maybe you're tired of feeling 'stuck', maybe there are questions you have yet to voice or maybe there is a dissatisfaction with your life or your relationships, most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.


I come to this work with a Master’s Degree in Couples and Family Therapy from Alliant University. I've been touched by people's stories of pain, love, joy, and suffering. Through sharing stories and having someone see us for who we truly are has a curative power for growth and healing. 


My approach to therapy is to work through a collaborative and attachment lens. I believe that it is often our earlier experiences in life that impact the current stories we tell ourselves. I help clients identify their conditioning, especially wounded conditioning, and evolve beyond it. As this guide, I will support you in taking inventory of what you've kept hidden away for years, possibly due to shame, fear, anxiety, grief or the uncertainty of how to move past old habits. Together, let’s explore your inner world and the patterns that have shaped your life.


I work with individuals and couples and also have experience working with children and families. 

Areas of Focus: 

  • Cultural Assimilation 

  • Cross-Cultural Relationships 

  • Body Image and Eating Disorders 

  • Addiction and Recovery 

  • Anxiety and Depression 

  • Life Transitions 

Thomas Kim.jpg
Thomas Kim, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #99207

Voicemail: 415-553-5505

Supervised by Lilia Leshan, MFC50518

“Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination....” ~Mary Oliver

This is perhaps my favorite line in Mary Oliver's “Wild Geese.” She does not promise salvation, but points to the okay-ness of your being, to the importance of your inner world. How do you, in your imagination, relate to the world?

I'm a relational therapist, and I will sit with you—you do not need to do this alone. Bring your depression and your anxiety. Come with your belief that you are too much, or perhaps not enough. What are your habits and thought patterns that you just can't seem to curb? Tell me about your fear that no one can truly understand you, how you're saddled with self-doubt, that you have a sinking sense that you just don't know how to be your true self. Whatever your reasons for seeking therapy, they are valid. You are welcome here.

You can find peace inside yourself. I believe therapy is about wholeness—it's not about rejecting who you already are, but about including all aspects of yourself. With compassion and honesty, let's explore the full you so that you may find your inner peace.

I work with individuals, couples, children, and families. Some additional areas of focus include: trauma, isolation, anger, self-esteem, sex and sexuality, the spiritual/transpersonal, Hakomi/body-centered approach, social location and identity, grief and loss, group process work.

Mike Klotz

Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

Voicemail: 510.467.0771


Supervised by James Meyers, MFC30215


I work with clients from all walks of life on a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues or just feeling stuck in life. Part of my practice is dedicated to working with students and professionals. I have 15 years of corporate law experience and bring that perspective to help clients with work stress, career fulfillment or transition, and other professional issues. I also have an extensive performing arts background and love working with creative people. No matter your background, I'm happy to work on what's most important for you right now.


Finding a therapist you connect with is one of the most important parts of the process. My approach is collaborative and conversational. One of my primary goals is to create a comfortable, safe space for us to work together on whatever life may be throwing your way. 

Kate L.jpeg
Kate Leffel, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #102842

Voicemail: 415-579-1954


Supervised by Sara Bingaman, MFC45012


For as long as I can remember, I've been interested in people's stories.  It's not surprising then that I ended up doing the work I do.  When working with individuals and couples, I listen to their story and:

·       help them make sense of it

·       acknowledge the struggles AND the strengths

·       find new ways to understand the stories so they aren't so painful

·       allow them to find strength in their experience and to move forward to create new stories

My goal is to help people move forward in balance, with confidence to enjoy new experiences with new tools to use when we inevitably face future challenges.  

I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley.  I am also pursuing certification as an EFT therapist for couples.  Prior to pursuing my Masters, I worked 10+ years in the corporate world doing brand marketing for global brands and Fortune 500 companies.  On a personal level, I bring to my work my own experiences of being human, just like you.  I have my own stories of “sitting on the couch,” trying to make sense of breakups, marriage, transition to parenthood, self esteem, finding meaning in my career, and managing stress and anxieties.  And I believe I’m a better person for it.  


My areas of specialty include: Anxiety & Depression, Body Image & Disordered Eating, Relationship Issues and Couples Counseling, Career Transitions.

Alex Oliver-Gans, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #110513

Voicemail: 650-557-3837


Supervised by Emily Gordon, MFC88491

You’re overwhelmed, tired of running into the same problems, and are sick of going through it alone. Something in your life is demanding that you make a change. My goal is for us to work together to find a new way of experiencing your life so that you feel empowered and at peace.


I don’t believe in playing the anonymous therapist who quietly sits back and analyzes you. Our work benefits from the genuine presence, creativity, and humor that I bring to our relationship. I use an empathetic, no-nonsense approach, aiming to understand your concerns without judgment while also providing a caring and honest outside perspective.


You can expect to feel both supported and challenged in your work with me. I believe it's important that we get to the truth of what you’re going through and work from a deep level, even when that’s difficult. I welcome you to reach out to see if you think we'd be a good fit.

Christina Li, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #108290

Voicemail: (415) 286 – 5875


Supervised by Jennifer Lilly, MFC52545


Finding balance and living a fulfilling life is easier said than done. The concepts may seem simple, but the actual execution takes time, patience, and bravery to ride out the waves. As a therapist, I aim to support and encourage one to find confidence, purpose, and meaning to live authentically in the present. Change is always possible.


I am a first generation Asian American therapist with a literature/journalism background from U.C. Davis and a master’s education from the University of San Francisco in Counseling Psychology.  I hold a keen interest in existentialist philosophy as well as Cognitive Behavioral practices. My style of therapy involves honesty, humor, and maintaining a comfortable space to share your experiences and hopes. 


I have experience and passion in working with:

Anxiety, depression, and transitions


Multigenerational Trauma

East Asian Cultures

Social Justice

CBT/ACT concepts

Jasmine Mazlumyan, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #106280

Voicemail: (415) 483-2562



“A life unexamined is not worth living..” Socrates 

Find your truth. Speak your truth. My work in psychotherapy is to help you on your personal growth journey. We’ll uncover what lies beneath the surface, and reveal the lotus that you are. We all have work to do in order to grow and sometimes that can be difficult. However, it is through this difficulty that we can cultivate our most authentic selves.


I will help you uncover the blockages that keep you from living your fullest life. Through interpersonal dialogue, relationship, and somatic awareness we can tap into your own hero’s journey and cultivate a life that’s worth living for you. “

Trudy McMahon, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #94492

Voicemail: 415-742-2135


Supervisor: Travis Ben Robinson, MFC84331

Choosing a therapist is important. Using your own internal compass to guide this choice is the first of many brave steps you will take in this journey of self-discovery.

I hope to be able to walk alongside you as you navigate your way towards a better understanding of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and dreams.

I approach the work in a heart centered holistic way. That means I work with all aspects of you.

I have a 10yr history of experience with diverse groups of individuals, working in both mental health  and substance abuse. I have a rich understanding of how these complex issues impact individuals/communities and families.

As a Drug and alcohol counselor I worked within a harm reduction model, that focussed on a holistic approach, using both Western and  Eastern interventions to include: Care planning, needle exchange, auricular acupuncture and reiki.

I was able to witness the powerul link  between emotional, psychological and physiological issues, and how the body (or soma) can both hold wounding and be a powerful vessel of healing. This led me to embark upon my Masters in Somatic Psychotherapy at JFKU.

I am passionate about incorporating the mind –body- spirit connection in therapy, and use modalities such as: guided imagery, mindfulness, breath work and Hakomi.

My areas of interest include:

  • Anxiety/depression/substance misuse

  • Existential questions  about one’s life purpose, and finding meaning in life

  • Food and body image concerns

  • Developing self-love and compassion

  • Healing trauma

  • Living with chronic pain

  • Couples

  • Sand tray

  • Expressive Arts

  • Life transitions


As an expat I understand the challenges of locating to a new country, and welcome the opportunity to work with people struggling to settle in the US.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Lori Moreci, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Voicemail: 415-843-1943


Supervised by Gargi Patel, MFC101986

Finding our way through difficult times can feel challenging and lonely.  You don’t need to be alone.  Together, we can take steps to explore integrating past, present, body, mind, and spirit in a strength based way. 

I access my life experience and my experience working in the service industry for many years to develop a strong rapport and understanding of who you are.  I have a strong belief that the answers are found within yourself by accessing your spirit.  Mindfulness and meditation are tools that we might use on our journey.  I will reflectively and empathically listen and support you in finding your inner wisdom and your most authentic self.  I take a Humanistic and Client-Centered approach, while allowing for space to explore spirituality.  I also utilize art therapy and behavioral techniques when appropriate.  

My interests and current focus are in working with traumatic experiences (complex trauma and PTSD), depression, anxiety, chronic health issues, and life transitions.  Being a native of San Francisco, I welcome, connect, and embrace all walks of life.

Heather O'Neill, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #103782

Voicemail: 415-644-8595



Supervised by Emily Gordon, MFC88491

People seek therapy for many different reasons.  Whether you need support for a difficult life transition, notice ingrained patterns that you want to change, or seek personal or spiritual growth, the choice to begin therapy is an act of self-empowerment.


I believe that we are inherently relational beings.  Sharing our stories, wounds, and whole selves within the support of a trusting relationship is not only an important component of the healing process, but a part of our DNA. 

With this in mind, I hold the quality of the relationship between myself and my client as the foundation of the therapeutic process.  I will support you with warmth, curiosity, and honest reflection as we build a safe, trusting relationship where we get to know your truest self, underneath all of the layers imposed by the various demands of life.  


From this place of truth, we can discover your most authentic wants and needs. We can examine what is really getting in the way.  We will work together to make meaning of these barriers and leverage them into opportunities for growth and change.    


I’ve had the opportunity to work with people from many different backgrounds with many different concerns.  In my experience, no two stories are alike.  


I am an integrative therapist, meaning that I draw upon the wisdom of many modalities to support your unique circumstances.  As a longtime yoga practitioner, my appreciation for the mind, body, heart, and spirit connection deeply influences my work.  In fact, this appreciation led me from my previous career in advertising to the world of therapy, both as a client and therapist.   I’d love to share the value of therapy with you.  


If you’d like to work with me, please feel free to reach out to me at 415-644-8595 for a free consultation. 

Holly Richardson, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist  #114534

Voicemail: (415) 294-0750



For me, healing is a psychological and spiritual awakening. It is a return and a reorientation to the authentic self. I believe in the power of empathy, storytelling, embodiment, and creativity. Every person's life has meaning, and everyone has a story to tell. I would be honored to hear yours.


My approach is spacious, direct and personal. I listen deeply and carefully, and offer honest reflections. In this way, therapy acts as a powerful mirror through which you can see and understand yourself more clearly, and make changes that have lasting impacts on your life. 

My work is grounded in traditional psychodynamic theory, blending depth psychology with studies in attachment, neuroscience, and developmental psychology. 

My specialties include working with symptoms related to early developmental trauma, including low self- esteem, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and panic attacks. I also work with women who have histories of sexual trauma and couples who are premarital and want to resolve differences and issues related to long-term commitment, and married couples who have experienced an affair or are exploring polyamory.

Outside my work as a therapist, I teach therapeutic intuitive movement classes. I have a background in Political Theory and Poetry, and I maintain a strong connection to social activism and the creative process.”

Robbie Photo.jpg
Robbie Richler, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 

Voicemail: (415) 851-1586


Seeking therapy is a big step. It’s important to find a therapist you connect with, which can also be quite challenging in itself. As your therapist, I aim to provide a warm, accepting space that will allow each part of you to enter the room. By developing a trusting relationship, we will help you get more in touch with the thoughts and feelings that trouble you. These might include depressive tendencies, anxious thoughts, relationship concerns, or something else entirely. It can be easy and tempting to try to ignore or get rid of these unpleasant feelings, but that often doesn’t work. By learning to really be with and understand these feelings, you will be able to transform them, allowing you to live the life you want.

I’ve developed these perspectives on therapy and self-growth through my own journey. I started off steeped in the analytical worlds of chemistry and technology startups. After realizing I was not happy in these fields, I began seeing my own therapist, which got me more in touch with my creative and spiritual side. This led me to study at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where I gained an MA in counseling psychology. Experiences in these different areas has led me to deeply value both the analytical and creative realms in my practice of psychotherapy. 


Regarding style, I draw particularly from humanistic, mindfulness, and relational approaches, and I use modalities such as Hakomi body-centered therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Gestalt psychotherapy.

Ian Headshot-3.jpg
Ian Salvage, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #110134

Voicemail: (415) 870-1413


Supervisor: Kathleen Dunbar MFC39880


All the wisdom and healing needed lies within; I am simply a guide to assist you in connecting to that nurturing depth of knowing. I provide a very safe space in to gently uncover the wounds and traumas that limit us from embodying our true self.


It can be very difficult to live in this world where emotional expression and processing is neither properly taught nor encouraged. We all came into this world as perfect beings with all the gifts and qualities needed to live an authentic life. We then use those natural gifts to survive and cope, and often come away with ways of being that are not in alignment with our authentic self. I balance a very holistic approach of focusing on the uncovering of emotional, physical and intellectual learned patterns from childhood, mixed with practical tools to apply to one’s current reality.


I work with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma and stress. If you are interested in working together or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Caroline Website Photo.jpg
Caroline Scippa, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #116742

Voicemail: (415) 335-9145



Supervised by Kari Floberg, MFC98663


It can be healing to share your story with someone who truly listens, empathizes, and validates. Someone who can relate objectively and non-judgmentally. Someone who can hold space for and tolerate all emotions, even those that seem intense, overwhelming, and scary. 


It can be life-changing simply to have a space and time once a week that is just for and about you. A space that is safe and welcomes all aspects of who you are, even those that you feel you can’t show to anyone else. A space that honors imperfection and encourages humanity. A space in which you aren’t alone.


I come from a creative arts background and I am also an experienced yoga practitioner and teacher. I believe in working collaboratively, relationally, and conversationally. I work with a range of issues, including anxiety, relationships, transitions and change, existential and spiritual inquiry, and childhood trauma. I have experience working with both adults and children. 


My door is open; I welcome your story. 

Pnina Shamsi, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Voicemail: (415) 789-8118


Supervised by Janine Darwin MFC46778


I work somatically and relationally, and believe that when we are truly seen by another, something stirs within our wisest self that guides what we most need to know for healing. My approach is creating a safe space for this wisest self to navigate the way. My style is compassionate and direct; I believe transformation happens when we can see ourselves clearly, with curiosity, and without shame or judgment.

I have a background in yoga and the healing arts, where I specialized in working with individuals with physical disabilities. The body's capacity for resilience and healing has astounded me. In our sessions, somatic practices and curiosities help reveal much of what wants to be expressed through the body through movement, images, gesture, playfulness, sensation, and breath.

I welcome all populations and practice from an anti-oppression lens, specializing in work around sex, sexuality, health crises, dis-ease/disability, mind/body healing, PTSD, anger, and life transitions.

By Your Stumbling, the World is Perfected.
--Sri Aurobindo

Beth Sherman, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #110677

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #5911

Voicemail: (415) 569-3494


Supervised by Rochelle Greenhagen, MFC84615

Are you struggling with issues related to depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships,  trauma, grief, or major life changes? No need to go it alone. I would love to be a part of your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

I come to this work with a masters degree in health education from Columbia University, 10 years experience working in the health and wellness field, and a masters degree in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. Throughout my life, I have experienced my own challenges with relationship dynamics, self-esteem, finding meaning in my career, managing stress, and striking work-life balance, and through it all, I have personally experienced the transformative power of therapy. I would love to share the power of the process with you.

I am passionate about working with individuals and couples who are interested in creating deeper self-awareness, finding balance, improving relationships, creating connection, and exploring life transitions.  Using a collaborative, active, and strengths-based approach we will explore the context of your experiences, set goals, and work towards discovery and change.

Jeff's Picture - 3.3 MB.jpg
Jeff Shore, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Voicemail: 415-606-7325


Change is Possible. Let me help you work through the problems that have held you back from achieving the life you deserve. I offer a safe environment for you to explore your problems and gain a better self-understanding. Together we can create a plan for moving forward. I use a variety of theoretical approaches, but all rely on nonjudgmental listening, acceptance, and empathy. 

Whether you are seeking help for the first time, or are choosing to revisit unfinished personal goals, now may be the time for you to take the risk of trying therapy. You have nothing to lose but your problems.

I spent many years working in technology in the banking industry. I’ve also spent time teaching, from children to graduate students. I got my masters degree in psychology from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. 

I have worked with those who struggle with a wide range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, trauma, and substance abuse. I am prepared to help you, no matter what your unique problems are. 

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Francesca Stevenson, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 

Voicemail: (415) 879-8717


Supervised by Janine Darwin LMFT#46778

Bravely stepping out of our comfort zone and navigating with curiosity and an open mind what we find challenging and painful allows us to grow and transform. My job is to help you feel safe, understood and connected while engaging in this exploration together.


My approach is compassionate, non-judgmental and collaborative, ultimately trusting in your wisdom and inner knowing. I have found that by bringing awareness to our minds, emotions and bodies we are able to notice conditioned beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that may no longer serve us. When we make space to understand and allow our experiences and all of our ourselves, we are able to shift away from limiting patterns and beliefs and move toward more agency and greater acceptance. 


In addition to having worked at the Integral Counseling Center and The Cove elementary school, I have a background and ongoing practice in fine arts. I am also a spouse and parent. I intimately understand the challenges and joys presented by the creative process, and those presented in maintaining healthy, loving relationships.


I welcome diversity of all kinds and have experience working with a wide range of issues including life transitions, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, high sensitivity, trauma, parenting and relationships.

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Amy Tredinnick, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist # 115512

Voicemail: (415) 501-0303


Supervised by Catherine Cloyd, LMFT #46162


Much of the work I gravitate towards comes from my deep belief in the intelligence of the body and the wisdom of the heart. Combined with my clinical training in psychotherapy, my work is influenced by my love and respect for yoga, mindfulness, breath work and exploration of the spiritual.  My approach is integrative and client-centered, with a strong foundation in Attachment Theory and early childhood development.


My framework also includes mind-body awareness, using the somatic experiential modality called Hakomi. In Hakomi, limiting core beliefs can be accessed by mindfully bringing attention to the body and integrating emotions, images, sensations and memories, allowing for the development of new neural pathways, and thus new positively reinforcing experiences, to be formed. This tremendously effective modality offers clients a way to deepen into their experience with the guidance of a professional psychotherapist in a way that is gentle, yet profound. 


Through compassion, awareness and careful listening I look forward to working with you in a way that feels safe, supportive and collaborative. I honor wherever my clients are on their journey and believe in cultivating space, and curiosity as we navigate this path together. I am truly honored to be a guide and witness to your unique experience of remembering your wholeness and opening up to new possibilities which deeply serve you.

Jessica Turner, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist # 113912

Voicemail: (415) 578-0881

Supervised by Emily Gordon, MFT #88491 


Telling our stories, from the sacred to the everyday, the uplifting to the distressing, can shed light on what it means to be human. What is your unique story? Transformation is possible when one speaks their truth and is fully seen in that truth in connection with a compassionate other. My intention is to honor all parts of your story and to welcome your whole experience. 


My style of working is warm, interactive and collaborative. In addition to my education and training, I find my practice to be informed by my varied life experiences. I have a strong background working in the arts, non-profits and fundraising as well as within the healing arts. As a parent, I find continual awe in relationship and the unfolding of human experience. With a love of nature and a curiosity in what connects us all, I welcome you.


My hope is to support you in sharing your truth, seeing your authenticity and allowing yourself to be and grow within the natural intelligence that is you.

Sarah Weller, M.A

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #117069

Voicemail: (831) 216-6263


Supervised by Kishi Fuller, MFT #47554

Discovering a meaningful life can feel like a dubious task at times. In my experience, the journey toward meaningful change carries more surprises than one may imagine. 


My passion for this work is fueled by my view that every individual already has the answers they are seeking, whether they realize this or not.  On our brief time on this planet, therapy provides an invaluable gateway toward healing, self-discovery, and more often than not, an expanded awareness. What else lies in this work is for you to discover. 


Having worked at a school-based setting for a year, I have extensive experience working with children and families. Additionally, I also work with individuals, couples, and adolescents. I utilize a strengths-based and integrative approach so that I can meet the unique needs of my clients. Areas of focus for my work include:


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Life transitions

  • Grief

  • Childhood Trauma/PTSD

  • Self-esteem and Identity Development

  • Body Image/Eating Disorders

  • Addiction (with focus on harm reduction)

  • Women’s issues

  • LGBTQ issues

  • Multicultural issues


I look forward to meeting you. Therapy is not always easy. But it’s usually worth it.

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